WELCOME to Captivated Gifts.

Captivated Gifts is a platform for Christian authors in South Africa to showcase their books. Many hours are spent by these authors as they faithfully use their talents to put words onto pages, and yet getting the results of those hours into the hands of readers isn't always so easy. It's time to change that.

​Other artists and craftspeople can find themselves in a similar situation, with beautifully created pieces unable to reach those who will be delighted by them.

​Captivated Gifts is a carefully curated selection of Christian books and other gifts, all lovingly made here in South Africa. Learn about the authors and artists as you browse our unique collection. And come back often, as what's on offer will change!

​"Just as I am 'Captivated by the Creator', so I am captivated by the abundance of creative talent he has given!"





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